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Machinery Industry: Land Rover tire maintenance

Ring wave Wastegate with you know Maintenance Land Rover tires :

 Land Rover original exhaust system :

    Land Rover exhaust system designed to improve vehicle dynamics . Land Rover original exhaust, calibrated components meet the unique requirements of the Land Rover and standards , you'll get the best performance and the best fuel economy.

    - Sound. Land Rover exhaust system noise under all driving conditions have reached the lowest level . After a long period of research and development, to ensure that the exhaust system noise to a minimum , and in accordance with legal requirements.

    - Material strength . Use stainless steel material to ensure durable, able to withstand 700 º C above the temperature of exhaust gas .

    - Development . Land Rover original exhaust system in a variety of simulated harsh driving conditions , the use of professional chassis dynamometer over 1000 hours of rigorous testing.

    Land Rover Genuine Fuel Filters :

    Land Rover Genuine Fuel Filters provide good protection for Land Rover petrol and diesel engines , to prevent corrosion and harmful substances to enter.

    Risk of using poor quality fuel filter

    You inject Land Rover fuel tank may contain contaminants and particulate matter, such as dust, sand or rust . If the fuel filter filtration performance is poor , the particles ( even if the fine particles ) and the injector may also around the contact member , thereby causing the following problems :

    - Emissions

    - Power problems

    - Fuel economy issues

    - Noise problems

    Poor quality filter may also accelerate wear and damage injectors and fuel pump , resulting in a complex and costly problem.

    Land Rover original fuel filter will:

    - Filtering dirt, dirt and even micron

    - Filtered from diesel to the possible composition of the water

    - Provide the best protection

    - Helping to ensure the flow of fuel and precisely controlled engine

    As with all genuine Land Rover parts and accessories , like the fuel filter is also through a series of tests, including :

    - Durability Test

    - Anti- Corrosion Test

    - Pressure cycle test

    - Safety Crash Test

    Land Rover Genuine oil filter :

    Land Rover Genuine oil filter to provide full flow engine oil filter .

    According ring wave Wastegate understand , oil filters for engine function and durability is essential. The filtered oil lubrication is important to help prevent wear of the moving parts inside the engine , such as a crankshaft and camshaft .

    Risk of using poor quality oil filter

    Can lead to the following major issues :

    - Rapid filter plugging , resulting in emergency bypass valve open, the oil is filtered without the input of the engine , damage to engine components .

    - Particulate filter through increased engine wear and emissions .

    - At high temperatures , cracking or rupture , the engine oil filter element can not be processed , may result in engine failure .

    - Damage to the sealing performance , so that the oil flows into the unfiltered , or produce low oil pressure, causing the engine to malfunction.

    How to Protect Your Land Rover

    Land Rover Genuine oil filter development process , including extreme weather conditions of thousands of hours of engine testing and tens of thousands of kilometers of intensive vehicle testing .

    According ring wave Wastegate noted , the crankshaft is the main rotating engine parts , installed after the link , you can undertake the link down ( reciprocating ) movement into circulation ( rotation ) movement , is an important parts on the engine . If properly designed , can assume the crankshaft material is sufficient force without damage . In addition , if the owner usually regular maintenance of vehicles , even with the year -long cars , generally do not appear such problems. In this Land Rover teach you care , better to avoid breaking the crankshaft .

    A new car factory before cold running after treatment, but in order to maintain the best condition for future mechanical systems and extend the service life of 1500 km before the proposal must be careful driving your car , phased maintenance.

    1.100 km , yet the new brake pad friction braking effect reaches 100% , the brake should advance amount , in particular within the first 200 km , the tire frictional force is not sufficient, more than the normal case with some force when braking. This also includes new tires or just new brake pedal.

    2 front 500 kilometers , the new tire has not yet reached optimal adhesion, should try to avoid the emergency brake fast cornering.

    3 the first 2500 km , should be gentle driving, no more than 100 kilometers per hour , the speed does not exceed 2500 rpm.

    4 . The first 2500-3500 km , the water temperature has reached operating temperature ( the temperature scale pointer to half ) , can be gradually increased to the maximum speed or maximum engine speed.

    5.3000 km for the first time after routine maintenance ( using the original oil ) , with all the moving parts inside the car reached between the smooth movement of the state , can play the best performance with the vehicle .

    Second, since the break-in period between the parts are still too large loads and high speeds, the impact of the part are increased . In addition, car break-in period should also try not to pay attention to the emergency brakes , cold start preheat attention . Strive to achieve a slow start , slow stop. Land Rover misunderstanding fractured crankshaft failures and exclusion

    1 preheat start , brake separation together . Try to avoid the emergency brake , otherwise it will not only make the running of the braking system has been hit hard and the chassis will increase the impact load on the engine . Use the brake is also very important to avoid braking and moving the hand brake must be completely released, because the new car brake pads thick , with a small gap between the brake drum , if not completely loosen the causing the brake pads and drum brake friction prolonged damage , and even cause accidents.

    2 need to declare that, " from the brake after the first " approach is very time in the running , and engine protection measures ( emergency brake ) when taken in very condition , not as a good habit to cut long-term use . When the vehicle had a " conservation " period , from a clutch maintenance aspects , it should be the "first brake off " , there are many novices learning the car, for fear of stalling , obsessed with the clutch pedal , depress the clutch to slow down on the first even hanging high gear or low gear driving, but also in order to facilitate the shift , clutch leave feet. Such brakes , shift , for the novice car may make a steady , but, on the clutch but it will cause no small harm.

    3 there are people in the parking habits , hang a block waiting to step on the clutch , or hanging still stepping on the clutch neutral , that such action can start to simplify . However, this habit will always have his left leg in a hard state, unable to relax, easy to make driver fatigue , can cause more serious is a long time in the clutch wear state .

    Fourth, the correct and reasonable driving include : Before starting , you should first check the vehicle . Light should start slowly lift the clutch pedal and the accelerator pedal . After low-speed operation should be started , the preheating temperature was raised to 50 -60 , should be selected with a good road , the shift timely and correct glide. Try to avoid the use of engine braking , while the water temperature is controlled within a certain range.

    When the car starts , does not allow full throttle , avoid towing trailers ; in the car driving, should try to slow speed , not a sharp acceleration ; addition , the transmission gear shift to regular , run- of the vehicle is in motion should be gradual, in order to minimum block start, gradually add gear, must not use a high gear at low speed , high speed or low gear , and frequently changes gear. Do not use a gear driving for a long time . Pay attention to the road in the engine, transmission , drive operating conditions and temperature variations , master condition .

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