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Bring hope to the packaging market

    China's packaging machinery industry despite a late start, but after 20 years of development, China's packaging machinery industry has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry, the rapid development of China's packaging industry to provide effective protection, some packaging machinery to fill the gap , has been able to basically meet the domestic market demand, as well as the export of some products.

    According ring wave Wastegate understand, exclusive representation of foreign companies still exist and on packaging machinery requires smaller cities, the packaging machinery industry, despite showing a lot of new play about the show, but some large packaging machines as well as complete sets of lines for. Packaging machines but also to set small pieces in the culmination of the promotion on each machine is different and must pay attention to the steadily forward. China's Most regions have sown the seeds Ruiba new year coming soon, and this is a new starting point.

    Accelerate the reliability, security, and other automated unmanned level of workability further progress in packaging machinery and equipment and production lines. Intelligence will enter the entire line of packaging machinery and equipment and production areas. The primary characteristic is that many transplant replacement selection civilian and military industries all modern high-precision skills, electronic skills, microelectronics skills, marginal skills, vague skills.

    Some can have dozens of the company's products. Thus, many companies do not produce a single commodity is based. The need for packaging machinery is also not limited to the need to have a variety of needs to increase a lot the next several varieties derived, and the upward trend in shopping malls, packaging machinery also mall. Such as: packaging machine: from food packaging machine branch of vacuum packing machines, liquid packaging machine, granule packing machine, powder packing machines. Under the status quo, China packaging machinery company can produce the required mechanical wiped out

    Difficult to predict the future direction of the mainstream packaging machinery industry, it should be recyclable energy saving, high-tech intelligent. At present, China-made vertical packaging machines, secondary packaging machines, packaging machines for bags, heavy bags packaging machines, vacuum packaging machines, packaging production line, automatic weighing machines and other packaging technology level in the international forefront, of course, to achieve the world's leading packaging technology , or the need to continuously improve the level of research and development and optimization of packaging technology.

    According ring wave Wastegate noted, packaging machinery and equipment development has now moved toward the comprehensive upgrading phase, which has a distinctive feature that uses a lot of civil or military practitioners of all modern electronic technology, microelectronics, high-precision technologies edge technology, so as to improve the reliability, security, and other levels of packaging machinery equipment and production lines.

    Such a growth in exports, the downward trend in imports brought in 2004 the Italian packaging industry trade surplus of 211.9 billion euros, an increase of 2.6% over the previous year, the packaging industry to consolidate a strong position in the Italian industry. The Italian export countries, China is one of them, and the share is not low, part of the packaging machine technology Chinese companies are also learning from the local exchange of information on the packaging machine between Italy, the two countries can not say much, but in the Chinese market and Italy also have to touch each other packaging machines, packaging machines, Italy positioning due mostly high-end, so the low-end market, China packaging machine still has some advantages, while Chinese enterprises in the packaging machine, packaging machine with first-class foreign companies competition is not much.

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