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The car should carefully check the appearance of vehicle chassis

Each to eleven, are a car to a climax, this year is a variety of models of money can not buy the spot. Some owners have enough patience, waiting for the arrival of models to buy their own; some owners is impatient to mention cars, fare paid extra car models do not say, to mention cars also ignore the basic knowledge of inspection results inevitably affixed to the money to buy a car is not perfect car. The following is in the process of carrying the car need to pay attention to and easy to fall into the wrong side of the several major aspects, in this ring car pressure relief valve to remind the new car to open the eyes of the eyes of the big eyes.

The appearance of two - VS only see a car car comparison

When choosing a new car, if conditions permit, there are two same models for comparison, it is necessary to. The appearance of contrast focus on the gap and finish the body. Such observation is a skill, you can focus on the observation of the bumper and the body gap, the door gap and front and rear bumper and other places, open the door to observe whether the paint is no color difference, etc..

Ring wave automotive relief pressure valve said observation paint is higher requirement of external light, the best in the sun, what problems are difficult to conceal. If you choose a car in the showroom, you can observe the direction of the sun, but also can play the same effect. Qualified finish should be smooth without orange peel water ripple defects, bumper and body, car door edge, left and right outer rear mirror easily damaged part no color. For metallic and pearlescent paint can also through the uniform degree of judgment observed in aluminum or mica paint particles. When you check, you can squat down to let the eye and check the plane in a plane, close observation to see if there is no small hole. Open the door to pull a few angles, so that the light from different angles to check the quality of the sheet metal.

Look carefully at the chassis - VS

Don't think that only used cars need to observe all aspects of it, to mention a perfect new car, also need to carefully check. Some people think it is strange that the new car is not around the appearance of a look, into the car to open it? The chassis also should be carefully checked, and this is not equivalent to the used car test.

In the inspection of the used car, check the chassis can be seen in the use of the original car, but the new car chassis, you can see whether it is the existence of oil spills. Conditions permit, you can let the other party to improve the car, but also in the parking position, observe the vehicle at the bottom of the oil point, check the chassis is not oil.

- mileage view VS dipstick odometer reading

In the face of the new car, some consumers would also like to see the original car is already running a lot, but some new cars run many, but not connected to the odometer. Therefore, odometer is displayed through the is still more than 10 kilometers. The odometer is, of course, fewer is better, check the odometer has no digital recording, if the numerical display "zero kilometer" can be understood as almost not run to the car. Of course, the "zero kilometer" and not to the odometer shows absolute numbers as "0", it is generally considered that the odometer below 60 km, that is the "zero kilometer". Because the car manufacturers in the test, and out of the library, load to consume a certain mileage. Ring wave automotive pressure relief valve to remind is worthy of note, some dealers in order to ensure that the new car's "zero kilometer", take off LCD odometer circuit or pull out the method of mechanical drive type speedometer cable to be "Mongolia" consumers. So, consumers in the purchase of vehicles to check the tires wear and chassis cleaning degree, judge whether your car has done a prototype, but also by watching the cleanliness of the foot pedal to verify. Traces of wear also can be observed through the hot oil and tires to determine whether the "zero kilometer" car.

The right approach, you can open the engine cover, pull off the oil to observe the oil color. Look at the time to the car three minutes after flameout and pull out the dipstick with paper towel to wipe, if it is found that the oil appear black, this car will be carefully considered.

In the special section of VS Road on the road

Test, should choose some special sections of the test, after the road, enough to check out the original car noise, engine, gearbox, as well as shock absorption, brake performance.

Operation, accelerate to step by step, shift at around 2000, the speed is not higher than 120KM/h. In the course of the driving, observe the idle when sitting in the car is stationary; pay attention to listen to the engine sound, feel the basic situation of noise, engine running sound whether there is a rule, speed up the response is fast. Pay special attention to the engine when the low speed shift refueling, that is, when the engine is more difficult to be what the state, if the noise is messy, it is recommended that he chose the other.

- remind

A truck is not goods

Check the car and plate is consistent: engine number, chassis number, product certification and factory date, these are marked with the characteristics of a car "legal status". Along with the vehicle's data bag, there are manual and disc. Instructions must be good, this is the original record of maintenance and maintenance, the claim for the period of great use.

Check the certificate, which is related to the new car home. Shall be examination certificate of the VIN number and engine number and the original car the same. No. seal is neat without modification trace and preserve motor parameter table, free maintenance card. New car invoices are three, should be a special motor vehicle invoices: one is the invoice, the left or the unit to submit an expense account, in the future transfer or transfer to need it. One by one to check whether each fill in the project and the conformity certificate is the same, there is no special chapter, if the local requirements of the industrial and commercial transactions, it should be

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