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Ring to teach you how to maintain the vehicle more money

Car maintenance costs more and more expensive, so many of the owners are starting to find a cheaper way to carry out the maintenance of the method. In fact, in the maintenance of the time to pay attention to a few points can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance.

Oil to buy affordable

In addition to gasoline, the oil is a car owners of another big expense. Car travel 5000 kilometers on the need to change the basic. As one of the most important protection products, the use of high quality oil can effectively protect the engine, reduce wear and tear, so that the vehicle has better use of economy.

But now the lubricating oil brand more and more, can be described as "squandering charming eyes". So, there is a lot of car trunk waved his hand: choose crisp imports, is still the most expensive. Ring wave automotive relief pressure valve was informed that many owners in the selection of lubricating oil that lubricating oil level (label), the higher the better, the more famous the better. In fact, this need not. Imported oil prices than domestic brands to your 30%~40%, compared with the general domestic oil is more than twice as much as you. So blindly pursue famous brand is also very not necessary. Lubricating oil should be selected according to the requirements of the engine, it is not necessary to use a high level of lubricating oil on the engine, which is not required to be used on the engine. Such as Xiali, Santana such popular car using domestic ordinary lubricating oil is sufficient, not necessarily with imports of high-grade lubricating oil, according to the technical requirements and conditions of use "capabilities".

To replace the simple parts

Air filter and the wiper is essential for automobile accessories, air cleaner is air entering the engine to go through the first hurdle, and its role is to filter out dust and impurities in the air, keep flowing into the engine in the air is clean and wiper increases the safety of owners to travel during the rainy season.

General automotive air filter in 2 million km to change a, 1, 000 kilometers a check-up, wiper need replaced once every six months to a year. Can say, air filter and the wiper is car in low prices of most parts of the, inspection and replacement of the two are very simple, specifically to a repair site is a waste of time and money is really not worth.

Make full use of free testing services

In order to establish their own brand image, to attract more consumers, now the domestic automobile manufacturers every year will hold a variety of names for free testing activities.

The ring wave car relief valve said in free testing activities, some maintenance personnel will take the opportunity to induce the owners to carry out some of the unnecessary maintenance, so as to achieve the purpose of profit. But as long as the owners to stay in mind, such as to different repair station for consultation, or find a knowledgeable friends ask, will not spend money wasted. However, free testing period, if the owners can spare the time, as far as possible, or to a, which is convenient for the owners are more understand the condition, some problems resolved in a timely manner.

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