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What does the engine need to pay attention to

When it comes to the turbocharger will be able to effectively improve the power of the device, is the main force of the vehicle power modification, the following ring wave modified car pressure valve to detail the turbocharger modification and maintenance:

Principle of Turbo:

With the turbo compressor intake (Turbine- exhaust to rotate the turbo principle is the use of engine exhaust of waste gas, waste gas turbine supercharger rotor side above the right part), and the exhaust side of the rotor and the rotor side (compressor) is coaxial with a different chamber, when the turbine rotor up to a certain speed (about 12000 or so) which drives the other side (figure on the left part), so that the compressor rotor introduction of exotic fresh air, compressed into the intake manifold, so the turbo car intake is non natural way is through the "sucked in, and then compressed air pressure is greater than atmospheric pressure, also is so, than a variable valve

Analysis of the problems and improvement of the automobile pressure relief valve with ring wave modification:

1 high temperature and high pressure:

Turbo because it is ultra high speed operation of the bearing, so consequent high temperature excluded or excessive boosting pressure relief is very important very important! At present commonly used is the oil import to lubrication and cooling bearing, but also useful water-cooled. And high supercharging pressure on the engine shrinking stroke and power (explosion) stroke will cause harm, so mechanical with air pressure as a switch or the electronic computer directly controlling the discharge pressure action.


We all know that when the air is compressed, temperature will rise, and relatively high temperature gas density is low, oxygen content is reduced, the combustion efficiency and reduce! So, cooling air temperature must with improvements in La.... most of the turbo engine or turbocharge supercharge are equipped with intercooler (the intercooler) it has direct cooling or water cooling type design, after the intercooler air density is bigger, with the increase of the oxygen content, improve combustion efficiency.

Turbo car maintenance:

Some people say that Turbo car did 4 or 5 years before the change, turbo did not delay to design the engine running off to avoid pressure relief, make a lot of Jin Ju's untimely death, now almost all have such a design, the ring wave modified car pressure relief valve says the most important thing is the owner of general turbo "change engine oil", to enjoy the love colt turbo soared up open push back, so it is important to take care of it! That is to maintain the machine in good condition, and can prolong the service life of the car. How much? Well, the car manual will write, but is recommended in 4000km you should go to change the oil, at least 5000km must go for a time, the coefficient of viscosity and to choose their own car for the oil.

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